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16 Iconic & Famous Streets in NYC (You Have To See!)

View of Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street, one of the most famous streets in New York City
Washington Street, one of the most famous streets in New York City

NYC is known for many iconic sights such as Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, and if you want to see iconic things in the city, you shouldn’t forget to also check out the famous streets in New York City.

NYC is home to many iconic streets. These streets aren’t only interesting because they are famous, but they are also incredible to see because of the architecture you can find there. From streets with a lot of shops to a street with a beautiful view of one of the city’s bridges, there are many great ones to see.

I made this list of famous streets in NYC that you should definitely consider checking out if you’re in the city.

Famous Streets in New York City


Cars and signs on Broadway
Signs and cars on Broadway – Lauren Orr /

One of the most well-known streets is Broadway.

Broadway is a very long road that runs through both the Bronx and Manhattan. It is the oldest road that goes from the north to the south of New York City, and it was already in use by the Dutch when NYC was still called New Amsterdam.

The road is most famous for it being the center of the theater industry of the United States, many theaters that produce and perform great musicals can be found on or near Broadway. For example, one can find the Lyric Theatre, the Gershwin Theatre, and the Winter Garden Theatre here.

Broadway was called “Broadway” by the British because it was a very wide street.

Wall Street

People on Wall Street
View of Wall Street

An iconic street in New York City is Wall Street. This street can be found in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, and it is close to Broadway.

The street is well known for being the center of the financial industry of the United States, and it is seen as the financial center of the world. The name “Wall Street” has become synonymous with the financial markets of the United States.

Some of the most famous sights of New York City can be found in and near Wall Street, such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and many other financial institutions. Wall Street is a much sight to check out when you are in New York City.

Washington Street

Washington Street and Manhattan Bridge
View of Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street

Washington Street, located in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, is one of the most beautiful streets in the city.

The street is a cobblestone street and buildings with great architecture can be found on the street.

In addition to that, it is possible to see the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street. Because of this, Washington Street has become a very popular spot in the city for photography. When exploring Dumbo, this is a wonderful street to check out.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue in NYC
Fifth Avenue in New York City – art4stock /

Fifth Avenue, one of the most famous streets in Manhattan and New York City, has a length that is larger than 6 miles. For a large part of the street, it runs along Central Park.

The street is one of the best places for shopping in New York City, and many expensive stores are located on it, which makes it one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world.

Some of the most iconic high-end stores that are located on Fifth Avenue are Armani and Cartier.

Moreover, part of Fifth Avenue is known as “Museum Mile” because many of the best museums in New York City are located on it, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim.

Canal Street

Cars and people on Canal Street
People and cars on Canal Street – Patrick Poendl /

Canal Street is a must-see when looking for famous streets in NYC. It’s an iconic east-west street that can be found in Lower Manhattan. Part of the street runs through Chinatown, and it also runs through other neighborhoods of New York City.

Lots of vendors can be found on Canal Street, and this also includes unique food vendors that sell a large variety of food items.

Moreover, the vendors sell all sorts of gifts and other novelty items.

In addition to that, lots of Chinese restaurants and bakeries can be found on and near Canal Street in Chinatown.

Bleecker Street

People in Bleecker Street
People walking in Bleecker Street – Alex Segre /

Bleecker Street, located in Greenwich Village, is a famous east-west street in NYC’s Manhattan.

The street is the home of all kinds of music venues and comedy clubs. Furthermore, Bleecker Street’s buildings boast a variety of architectural styles, and some iconic landmarks can be found on Bleecker Street.

Some interesting sights in the street include the Bleecker Street Cinema and the Bayard-Condict Building.

Moreover, Bleecker Street is named for the Bleecker Family and Anthony Bleecker, a banker who was one of the richest people in New York City. The street ran through the farm of the Bleecker Family.

Bowery Street

Buildings and cars on Bowery Street
Cars and buildings on Bowery Street – Nielskliim /

Bowery Street is a street that is located in Lower Manhattan in the Bowery neighborhood and is a very old street in New York City. It is the oldest thoroughfare in Manhattan. Before the year 1807, the street’s name was “Bowery Lane”, which was derived from a Dutch name for “farm”.

The reputation of the street wasn’t very good, and in the past, there was a lot of crime on Bowery Street.

Nowadays, Bowery Street is known for its thriving art scene, high-end stores, and trendy restaurants, and it is a lovely place to visit when you are in New York City.

Madison Avenue

Stores on Madison Avenue
Shops on Madison Avenue – Tupungato /

Madison Avenue is a very famous north-south avenue that can be found in Manhattan. It runs through several neighborhoods of the city, such as the Upper East Side and East Harlem, and starts at Madison Square.

The street is well-known for the advertising industry and the many advertising firms that are located in and near the street.

The avenue is home to many sights and landmarks, many of which are on the National Register of Historic Places and are designated as a New York City Landmark.

Examples of some of the most famous buildings that are located on Madison Avenue include the Fuller Building, Hotel Seville, and the Emmet Building.

In addition to that, the famous music venue in New York City, Madison Square Garden can be found on one end of Madison Avenue.

Stuyvesant Street

Houses and sign of Stuyvesant Street
Sign of Stuyvesant Street at the intersection of 10th and Stuyvesant Street

This next street is one of the oldest ones in New York City. You can check out Stuyvesant Street, which is a diagonal street that can be found in the East Village neighborhood.

Many historic buildings can be found on Stuyvesant Street, and because of that the street is a popular filming location for movies and series that want to depict New York City from a long time ago.

Some of the buildings in the street date back to the 18th century.

An interesting fact about the street is that it is named for Petrus Stuyvesant, one of the most influential Dutch governors of New Netherland.

Central Park West

Central Park West and trees
View of Central Park West

Central Park West is an avenue in Manhattan that forms the western border bo Central Park.

It is located on the Upper West Side and runs for 51 blocks.

Many historic buildings can be found on the avenue, such as The Dakota, The Langham, The Century, and The Majestic. These buildings all have gorgeous architectural styles and are great to check out.

In addition to that, many of the buildings on Central Park West are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Central Park West Historic District.

Some of the buildings on the avenue are also designated New York City Landmarks.

Houston Street

People on Houston Street
People walking on Houston Street – Alena Veasey /

Houston Street, located in Lower Manhattan, is a famous street in NYC that runs from east to west across the whole island of Manhattan.

The street is located between several neighborhoods of Manhattan and is a border between several of the neighborhoods.

The street is named for William Houstoun, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and the street dates back to the end of the 18th century.

Another fun fact about Houston Sreet is that the name of the SoHo neighborhood is derived from it, with SoHo meaning South of Houston Street.

Doyers Street

People on Doyers Street
Group of people on Doyers Street – rblfmr /

Doyers Street, located in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood is a short street that is only 200 feet long. The street runs from Pell Street and has a sharp bend.

Many Chinese restaurants can be found on Doyers Street, including the famous Nom Wah Tea Parlor, which was opened in the year 1920 and is the oldest restaurant in Chinatown that is still in operation.

Doyers Street is named for Hendrik Doyers, a Dutch immigrant from the 18th century who lived and operated a business here at the end of the 18th century.

Moreover, the street is home to various tenement buildings, and in the past various speakeasies could be found on Doyers Street, some of which are still operating here.

Park Avenue

Cars driving on Park Avenue
Cars on Park Avenue – Nielskliim /

Park Avenue is a boulevard in New York City that is located in both Manhattan and the Bronx. It is a very long boulevard that is located in several neighborhoods in Manhattan. In total, the boulevard has a length of close to 11 miles.

The avenue is the home of many well-known organizations, such as UBS, New York Life, and The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Furthermore, lots of historic buildings can be found on Park Avenue, such as the Ritz Tower and the Robb House.

4th Street

4th Street in New York City
4th Street in NYC – Alena Veasey /

4th Street is a street that can be found in Lower Manhattan and is located in Greenwich Village. This street runs from Avenue D to the Avenue of the Americas and it has a total length of 2 miles.

Many landmarks can be found on 4th Street. For example, several churches with a beautiful architectural style can be found in the street.

One can also find the West Fourth Street Courts on 4th Street, which is an iconic basketball venue.

Moreover, the street has had many famous residents, including well-known artists.

St. Mark’s Place

St. Mark’s Place, or 8th Street, is an iconic street in New York City that can be found in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood between Third Avenue and Avenue A. The street crosses Fifth Avenue and is named for the St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery that is located near it.

The street is a bustling place where lots of shops, vendors, and restaurants can be found.

Furthermore, the city is home to many iconic landmarks, such as the St. Marks Hotel.

The street is also known for its many great venues for nightlife.

West 28th Street

West 28th Street from above
View of West 28th Street – OPIS Zagreb /

West 28th Street is a street that is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The city is an east-west street that runs from the Hudson River to 6th Avenue.

Several restaurants can be found on this street.

Moreover, West 28th Street crosses the High Line, so when you are exploring the High Line, you can also go here.

In addition to that, the iconic building “520 West 28th” can be found in the street.

This is a beautiful building that was designed by Zaha Hadid. The building boasts a beautiful modern architectural style, which includes sleek lines and lots of windows.

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New York City Famous Streets Tips

When you are checking out these famous streets in NYC, I recommend combining this with going to one of the sights that you can find there.

For example, some of the streets include live music venues. When you are planning on going to one of these streets, you can check out the websites of the venues to see if there’s a show that you would like to attend.

Also, you might want to combine going to the streets with going to a museum in the streets, such as The Met on Fifth Avenue. These museums often have special events that you can attend.

View of buildings on Central Park West
Buildings on Central Park West

Famous Streets in NYC Map

This was my list of famous streets in New York City that you should see. As you see, NYC is home to many iconic streets.

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