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7 Incredible Sushi Restaurants in Brooklyn (+ Map)

Food at Ume, one of the best sushi restaurants in Brooklyn
Sushi at Ume, one of the best sushi restaurants in Brooklyn

There are a lot of great sushi restaurants in Brooklyn where you can get all kinds of classic and modern sushi dishes.

These places serve many types of sushi for both lunch and dinner, including nigiri, unique kinds of maki, and sushi tacos. Also, at most of these places, you can get delicious Japanese drinks with your food, such as sake. In addition to that, at some of these restaurants, there is an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your food.

To help you find a great spot to go to, I made this guide to the best places for sushi in Brooklyn!

Best Sushi Restaurants in Brooklyn


Highlights: The food that you can get at Ume was inspired by art

Food on a plate at Ume
Food at Ume

Ume is a sushi restaurant that you can find on Kent Avenue. You can go here from Tuesday through Sunday.

Ume was founded by someone who was raised in Tokyo and who grew up in Brooklyn. The restaurant has a beautiful design and you can get delicious food that was inspired by art at Ume. The restaurant also has outdoor seating.

When having dinner here, you can choose between the signature sushi set and the a la carte menu.

The sushi set is a prix fixe menu that features seasonal vegetables and fish. The a la carte menu features all kinds of creative dishes that are inspired by flavors from around the world, and the menu often changes.

Address: 237 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Wasan Brooklyn

Great to know: This place has a beautiful outdoor area where you can enjoy your food

Sushi at Wasan Brooklyn
Food at Wasan Brooklyn

Wasan Brooklyn is a Japanese restaurant that is open for indoor and outdoor seating every day of the week. You can find this restaurant at 440 Bergen Street, and the restaurant serves both sushi for lunch as well as for dinner.

The dinner menu of Wasan includes many different types of dishes, including “Izakaya” appetizers, entrees, noodle dishes, sushi rolls, and desserts.

There are many different types of rolls to choose from, including uncooked, cooked, and vegetable rolls.

For example, you can get the “Wasan Rainbow Roll”, which is made with eel, cucumber, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and scallops.

Another great roll is the “Vegetable Futomaki Roll”, which is made with avocado, tomato, kanpyo squash, pickled daikon, cucumber, lettuce, and a vegetable demi-glace sauce.

All rolls that you can get here are cut into 8 pieces.

For lunch, you can get all kinds of sushi rolls with a choice of rice, or you can choose the “Bento Box”. The “Bento Box” is served with eggplant and sweet miso paste, vegetable spring rolls, boiled egg, potato, soup, salad, and more, and a choice of one main and one side.

Address: 440 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Ki Sushi

Must-try: The “Tuna Platter”

Food at Ki Sushi
View of food at Ki Sushi

Ki Sushi is a casual fine-dining Genki Japanese and Asian restaurant with two locations, one of these is located on Flatbush Avenue and the other one is situated on Smith Street.

You can have lunch at this restaurant from Tuesday through Saturday, and dinner every day of the week.

You can get all kinds of authentic Japanese sushi rolls here as well as other delicious dishes.

On the dinner menu, there are several plates that are served with miso soup or salad.

For example, you can get the “Salmon Platter”, which consists of 8 pieces of salmon sushi and one salmon roll, or you can get the “Tuna Platter”, which comes with one tuna roll and 8 pieces of tuna sushi.

Another great dish is the “Chirashi”, which consists of 16 pieces of sashimi with sushi rice.

There’s also an a la carte menu with white fish, yellowtail, salmon, mackerel, eel, shrimp, vegetables, and other options.

For lunch, you can choose from many different types of special rolls that are served with salad and miso soup, small platters, and various lunch boxes.

Address: 282 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217


Great to know: This place serves delicious desserts that you can get after having sushi, such as the “Hoji Pudding”, which is a roasted green tea pudding that comes with ice cream

Bozu is a Japanese tapas bar that opened in 2004 where you can get delicious sushi in Brooklyn.

The sushi at this place is made with high-quality ingredients. The restaurant is situated on Grand Street and you can have dinner at this place every day of the week.

You can get all kinds of unique pieces here. For example, you can get the “Hotate”, which is made with Hokkaido scallops, fresh wasabi, and eel sauce, or you can get the “Salmon Toro Aburi”, which is made with seared salmon belly, lemon, and scallion. Each option consists of 3 pieces.

You can also get a sushi roll. For example, a great roll to get is the “Guacamole Salmon Roll”, which is made with cilantro, salmon, and guacamole.

Bozu also serves various types of sashimi. For example, you can get the “Bara Chirashi”, which consists of different types of diced tuna, yellowtail, salmon, bbq eel, and more, served over sushi rice.

In addition to these options, the dinner menu of Bozu includes all kinds of other dishes, including rice dishes, salads, soups, and desserts, and there are seasonal specials. Some of the desserts you can get here are the “Chocolate Mousse”, “Hoji Pudding”, and “Panna Cotta”.

Address: 296 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Must-try: The “Paradise”, which consists of fried banana, shrimp tempura, and spicy lobster

Sushi on a plate at Fushimi
Sushi at Fushimi

Fushimi is a restaurant in the Williamsburg neighborhood where you can get incredible sushi. The restaurant serves food that is a combination of traditional Japanese cuisine and French fare.

You can have dinner at this restaurant every day of the week.

Fushimi’s menu includes different types of sushi. For example, you can get a very large number of nigiri sushi options at this place, such as “Scallop Sashimi”, “Sea Urchin”, and “Smoked Salmon”.

There are also several types of rolls, including classic rolls and signature special rolls.

Two of the best classic rolls are the “Spicy Tuna” and the “Eel Cucumber” rolls.

One of the best signature rolls to get is the “Dragon Roll”, which is an eel and cucumber roll with tobiko, avocado, and eel sauce.

The “Paradise” is a unique one to get. It consists of shrimp tempura, spicy lobster, and fried banana. It is wrapped with soy paper and served with yuzu mango sauce.

It is also possible to get a prix-fix menu for lunch at Fushimi from Monday through Friday, which consists of four courses. The third course includes a choice of an appetizer from the sushi bar.

Address: 475 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Samurai Mama

Why you should go to Samurai Mama: You can get “Sushi Tacos” here

Samurai Mama is one of the best sushi restaurants in Brooklyn that you can find on Grand Street. The restaurant is open every day of the week.

You can get many different types of Japanese dishes at this restaurant, including homemade dumplings, hot and cold udon, ramen, and all kinds of sushi options.

The restaurant serves “Sushi Tacos”, which consist of a taco shell that is filled with fish and other ingredients that you like. Each order consists of 2 tacos.

Some that you can choose from include the “Una Avo”, which comes with eel and avocado, the “Hot Pepper Tsukudani”, which is made with hot green peppers, sake, avocado, and bonito flakes, and the “Kitade Doko”, which consists of mushroom, shiitake, and avocado.

You can also get the “Sushi Taco Set”. This set consists of 5 pieces of the most popular options on the menu. Some of the pieces that it consists of are the guacamole tuna, yellowtail and scallions, and the salmon avocado.

The drinks menu of Samurai Mama consists of various types of sake, beer, cocktails, and wine, as well as other types of drinks.

Address: 205 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Iron Chef House

Must-try: The “Shogun” roll, which consists of avocado, spicy tuna, and more

Iron Chef House is a Japanese restaurant that is located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. At this restaurant, you can get both modern and classic Japanese dishes and the restaurant focuses on serving high-quality food made with fresh premium ingredients.

You can get dinner at Iron Chef House every day of the week, and the restaurant serves lunch from Monday through Friday.

The restaurant serves all kinds of soups, sushi appetizers, noodle dishes, desserts, and much more.

The dinner menu includes many different types of sushi. There are house special rolls, regular rolls, and vegetable rolls, and there is a sushi a la carte menu.

One of the best house special rolls is the “Banzai”, which is made with tuna, spicy shrimp, and tempura crunch.

You can also get the “Shogun” roll, which is made with avocado, crabmeat, spicy tuna, and cucumber.

Another great option on the menu is the “Green Paper” roll. It is made with avocado, salmon, tuna, shrimp, tempura crunch, cucumber, shrimp, and green seaweed.

One of the best vegetable rolls to get is the “Sweet Dried Tofu”.

For lunch, you can choose from the same options as during dinner.

In addition to great food, you can also get all kinds of high-quality drinks at Iron Chef House. For example, you can choose from different types of sake at this restaurant.

About 10 minutes from Iron Chef House, you can find the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, which is one of the best ice cream shops in NYC. It can be fun to go there after having food to get ice cream as a dessert.

Address: 92 Clark St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Sushi in Brooklyn Tips

Some of the restaurants that I wrote about in this article are very popular and busy, so an advanced reservation is recommended. For example, this is the case when you want to go to Ume. Reservations for this restaurant are available 30 days in advance.

Also, when deciding where you want to get sushi in Brooklyn, I recommend using the map that I added to this article, so you can see if one of these restaurants is near another place you want to visit. For example, Fushimi Williamsburg is close to Brooklyn Bowl. It can be fun to first have food at Fushimi Williamsburg and enjoy music at Brooklyn Bowl afterward.

Street in Brooklyn
View of a street in Brooklyn – Alizz wanderer /

Brooklyn Sushi Restaurants Map

As you see, there are many great sushi restaurants in Brooklyn. I hope I find one you want to go to!

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