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9 Great Date Ideas in SoHo NYC (You Will Love)

Museum of Ice Cream, one of the best date ideas in SoHo NYC
Date ideas in SoHo NYC – Bryan Sierra12 /

There are a lot of fun activities you can choose from if you’re looking for date ideas in SoHo NYC.

From having delicious pastries to shopping, there’s something for everyone’s liking in the neighborhood. There are relaxing activities that are perfect if you want to get to know each other better during a first date, but there are also activities during which you can have a lot of fun, such as visiting a museum with immersive art installations.

If you’re planning a date in the neighborhood but you’re not sure what to do, this SoHo date ideas guide got you covered!

Date Ideas in SoHo

Try Delicious Pastries at Ladurée

Front of Ladurée
Entrance of Ladurée – Resul Muslu /

Ladurée SoHo is a French pastry shop that you can find at 398 West Broadway. The pastry shop has locations around the world, including several in the capital city of France, Paris. There are 4 pastry shops of Ladurée in New York City where you can get all kinds of delicious pastries.

Ladurée is known for its many delicious and colorful macarons that come in all kinds of flavors. For example, some of the flavors that you can try when you go here include chocolate, caramel, coffee, rose, and passion fruit. When you go on a date, I recommend trying a few of these.

You can get these for takeaway and then go to other parts of the city, or you can sit down at the shop to enjoy a pastry with a cup of coffee.

It is also possible to have an afternoon tea at Ladurée or to go here for brunch.

Going to Ladurée is also one of the most fun date ideas in New York City.

Address: 398 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Take Photos at the Museum of Ice Cream

Pink slide at the Museum of Ice Cream
Slide at the Museum of Ice Cream – Bryan Sierra12 /

The Museum of Ice Cream is an indoor attraction that makes for a very fun date idea in SoHo. It’s amazing if you love ice cream and the color pink.

At this place, you can find 12 immersive art installations with all kinds of unique elements that are very fun to see. Through the installations, you can learn about ice cream and the history of ice cream.

The installations are also a lot of fun if you want to take photos during your date that you can later post on your socials, or that you can keep as a souvenir.

One of the installations that you can find here is a pink ice cream-themed subway railcar. There is also a large slide and there is a sprinkle pool.

In addition to fun installations, you can also get all kinds of delicious ice cream treats in many different types of flavors.

Address: 558 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Shop Together on Greene Street

People walking on Greene Street
View of Greene Street – JJFarq /

Greene Street is one of SoHo’s major streets. It runs from West Houston Street until Canal Street.

The street is home to many well-known stores, including luxury goods stores, boutique stores, and well-known retail shops, making it a great place for a shopping date.

Some of the stores that you can find on the street include Dior, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton.

Because the street stretches from the north to the south of SoHo and has a central location, shopping here is a great activity to do before or after doing any of the other activities in the neighborhood. For example, you can shop here and then go to Ladurée to have pastries.

Attend an Exhibition at The Drawing Center

The Drawing Center is one of the best museums in New York City. At this museum, you can see exhibitions of drawings, including historical and contemporary drawings.

Because the exhibitions that you can see at the center change throughout the year, there’s often something new to discover, which means that this place is great for a second or third date as well.

At the Drawing Center, you can see drawings by up-and-coming artists, as well as more established artists.

In addition to seeing an art exhibition at the center, you can also go here during a date to attend an event. Lots of different types of events take place at the center during the year, including film screenings, talks by artists, and performing arts performances.

Address: 35 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013

Get Ice Cream at Mochidoki

Mochidoki is an ice cream store with several locations in New York City. One of the ice cream stores of Mochidoki is located in the SoHo neighborhood. You can find the store at 176 Spring Street, and it is open every day of the week.

The base of the delicious ice cream that you can get here consists of “mochi”, which is a special type of rice cake that is kneaded to form a dough.

The flavors of the ice cream are made with high-quality ingredients from all across the world. For example, the ice cream store uses hazelnuts from Italy and matcha from the country of Japan.

You can choose both classic, such as chocolate, strawberry, and salted caramel, and unique flavors, such as vegan lychee, carrot cake, and matcha.

Address: 176 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

Join a Guided Tour of SoHo

View of buildings in SoHo
Buildings in SoHo – JJFarq /

A romantic thing to do in SoHo is to get to know the food scene of the neighborhood. A great way to do that is by joining a guided food tour of SoHo and other neighborhoods.

During this tour, which takes about 2 hours in total, you’ll explore SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown, and learn about the history and cuisines of these 3 different neighborhoods.

You’ll visit some of the most important places in each neighborhood and sample delicious food at many places.

Some of the places in SoHo that you’ll go to when you do this tour are the E.V. Haughwout Building, Spring Street, and 421 Broome Street.

When you want to have a comfortable time, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking quite a long distance.

Visit the The New York Earth Room

The New York Earth Room is a unique place in SoHo. It is an indoor sculpture that you can find inside a loft at 141 Wooster Street.

The indoor sculpture was made by the artist Walter De Maria and is a room of 3,600 square feet that is filled with a 22-inch layer of dirt. There are about 250 cubic yards of earth in the room, and the whole indoor sculpture has a weight of 280,000 lbs.

The sculpture was made in 1977 and is the third sculpture of its kind by the artist. The two other earth rooms, which do not exist anymore, were located in Germany.

You can visit the sculpture for free during a date.

Because you likely won’t spend a lot of time at this place, I recommend doing something else before or after going here.

Address: 141 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012

Go on a Coffee Date at the Ground Support Cafe

The Ground Support Cafe is a coffee shop that makes for one of the best date ideas in SoHo. You can find it at 399 West Broadway. The coffee shop is open every day of the week and was established in 2009.

The coffee shop has a great atmosphere, and it also has a beautiful interior as well as a lovely outdoor terrace.

You can get delicious, high-quality coffee at the Ground Support Cafe that is made with “Niccolo’s House Blend”. You can get many styles of coffee at the cafe, including cortado, cappuccino, cortado, mocha, and cold brew.

In addition to delicious drinks, you can also get bagels, salads, sandwiches, and croissants at the Ground Support Cafe.

Address: 399 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Visit The Climate Museum

The Climate Museum is a museum that was established in 2015 that focuses on climate change and solutions to fight climate change.

The museum’s mission is to use arts and cultural programming to accelerate the fight against climate change.

You can go here during a date to see changing exhibitions through which you can learn about specific topics related to climate change and the solutions, or you can attend one of the events that take place at the museum.

Types of events that take place at The Climate Museum include talks, film screenings, and workshops. To find out which events take place at the museum when you plan to go there, you can check out the website of The Climate Museum.

Address: 105 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012

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SoHo Date Ideas Tips

SoHo is a small neighborhood that is packed with fun sights and restaurants. Because of this small size, you can find all the places that I mentioned in this SoHo date ideas guide near each other. This makes it easy to choose two or three activities, instead of just one, and do them all during one date, which is very fun!

Outside of Ladurée
Exterior of Ladurée – Resul Muslu /

Date Ideas in SoHo Map

I hope you liked the activities. Thanks for reading my guide to the best date ideas in SoHo!

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