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11 Amazing Things To Do Alone in Brooklyn (+ Map!)

Things to do alone in Brooklyn, NYC
Things to do alone in Brooklyn – Naeblys /

If you’re looking for things to do alone in Brooklyn, look no further!

New York City is a great city for solo travelers, and if you’re in Brooklyn, there are a lot of fun solo activities.

Whether you love food, street art, sights, books, or something else, there’s something for your liking.

If you’re wondering what to do alone in Brooklyn, I got you covered! In this guide, you can find many perfect solo activities. From incredible tours to great sights to see, I made sure to include a large variety of activities that are great if you’re on a solo trip.

Things To Do Alone in Brooklyn

Do a Food Tour in Brooklyn

Person in front of Time Out Market New York
Time Out Market New York – Anne Czichos /

A great activity is joining a food tour. You can do the “NYC Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Food Tour“.

This is a tour during which you can explore the different tastes that Brooklyn has to offer.

During this tour, you’ll join a small group of people and follow a local guide to great eateries and small food shops in the borough. What’s great is that you can sample food at each eatery, and try out a large variety of cuisines.

Because Brooklyn is a very diverse part of NYC, you can discover very diverse, including sweet and savory, flavors!

Besides that, what’s interesting is that this tour also covers the history of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

Do a Guided Tour of the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum from the outside
Exterior of the Brooklyn Museum – Stuart Monk /

The Brooklyn Museum is a wonderful art museum that you can find in Brooklyn.

It is one of the largest art museums in the city and it was opened in the year 1895.

The museum has a collection that spans a period of more than 3,000 years and which covers art from all over the world.

For example, you can find objects from Japan, Africa, Oceania, and Europe at the museum, besides its very large collection of American art.

Moreover, the museum holds objects made by very famous artists, such as Edgar Degas, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Max Weber.

The museum can be great to visit when you are alone in Brooklyn, and an even better way to explore it during a solo adventure is by joining a free guided tour.

The museum offers tours by A.R.T. Guides that can you show you some of the museum’s highlights and give interesting information!

Also, you could go to a talk at the museum if you like art a lot.

Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Explore the Street Art of Brooklyn Through a Walking Tour

Pink mural in Brooklyn
Mural in Brooklyn – Leonard Zhukovsky /

Brooklyn is a part of New York City where you can find a lot of amazing street art, and this street art can be great to see.

A great solo activity in Brooklyn is joining a guided walking tour of Brooklyn’s street art.

During this tour, a guide takes you to a lot of places in the Bushwick neighborhood. Here, you’ll see murals and other types of street art and learn about the diverse art of the neighborhoods.

Also, you can learn about graffiti artists and their different styles during this tour, which can be very interesting to do!

Go to an Event at the Brooklyn Public Library

Outside of the Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library from the outside – Tupungato /

If you want to have fun when you are in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Public Library is always a great place to check out. This is the library system of the borough and it has several different branches, so there’s often a branch that is near you.

You can go here to read books, but there’s much more that makes the library system great.

Lots of different events take place at the Brooklyn Public Library, from classes to exhibitions to talks, there’s a lot to do.

Furthermore, if you like architecture, the Central Library of BPL is a great building to check out!

Do a Bike Tour in Brooklyn

Bike in Brooklyn, NYC
Bike in Brooklyn

A wonderful way to discover the borough when looking for things to do alone in Brooklyn is doing a bike tour of Brooklyn. This is a tour during which a guide shows you and a small group of other people the best sites in the borough.

For example, you’ll explore the DUMBO and Williamsburg neighborhoods.

Furthermore, you’ll check out Prospect Park and a variety of local eateries during this tour.

What’s nice is that you can discover a lot of places in a short time when you do a bicycle tour, as you’ll able to get everywhere much quicker!

Another great aspect of this bike tour is that you don’t need any equipment. A bicycle, a helmet, and more is included in the tour.

Do a Food and Walking Tour of Williamsburg

Street with cars in Williamsburg
Street in Williamsburg – Mihai Speteanu /

Williamsburg is a trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn with a great atmosphere and a great cultural scene. It is also a wonderful area in the city for delicious food and there are many good local places to enjoy classic Brooklyn cuisine.

A great way to explore the food scene of Williamsburg when you are traveling solo is by joining the “Williamsburg Food Tasting & Walking Tour“.

This tour takes 3 hours in total and during it, a guide takes you on a walking tour through the neighborhood.

You’ll visit up to 6 different eateries in Williamsburg and sample local specialties at each place. For example, you might sample pizza, classic deli, and bagels during this food tour.

Do a Walking Tour of the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo

People and cars in a street in Dumbo
Street in Brooklyn – Oliver Foerstner /

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in New York City, and it is a marvelous sight to see when you are in Brooklyn. Moreover, the Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan to the lovely DUMBO neighborhood.

You can do a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge and the DUMBO neighborhood and learn a lot about this famous landmark.

During the tour, you’ll walk across the bridge together with a guide and get interesting information about the bridge. While doing that, you can take in incredible views of the skyline of Manhattan.

Furthermore, you’ll do a walking tour of the Dumbo and explore its art galleries, boutiques, and waterfront viewpoints.

Check Out the Prospect Park Zoo

Animal sitting in the Prospect Park Zoo
Animal in the Prospect Park Zoo

The Prospect Park Zoo is one of the best zoos in NYC and going there is a great thing to do alone in Brooklyn. It can be great to go to the zoo for a relaxing stroll by yourself.

You can find this zoo in Prospect Park next to Flatbush Avenue. At the zoo, you can find close to 1,000 animals and more than 170 different species of animals.

Some of the animals that you can find here include red pandas, emus, sea lions, and meerkats.

Address: 450 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Take Graffiti Lessons in Brooklyn

You can find a lot of street art in the city made by brilliant artists. It can be great to see this street art through a guided tour as I said earlier in this article.

Another great activity is to do a graffiti workshop in Brooklyn.

During this workshop, an NYC graffiti artist helps you to create a graffiti art project. You’ll learn tips and techniques to create great art, and the workshop is suitable for every skill level and age.

What’s great about this workshop too is that it takes place in an art studio in the Bushwick neighborhood, which is famous for its street art.

Visit the New York Transit Museum

Train at the New York Transit Museum
Vintage train at the New York Transit Museum – Felix Lipov /

A very interesting museum to visit by yourself when you are in Brooklyn is the New York Transit Museum.

This is a museum that is located inside a former subway station in Brooklyn. This is the former “Court Street” subway station.

At the New York Transit Museum, you can find many objects related to public transport in New York City.

For example, there are memorabilia related to railways, buses, tunnels, and the subway. Also, you can see old subway cars at the museum.

Besides that, it is sometimes possible to do a “nostalgia ride”, which is an experience during which you can ride a vintage subway train!

Address: 99 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Shop for a Book at Books Are Magic

A wonderful solo activity is going to a bookstore. Bookstores are a great place to relax by yourself while looking for a great book to buy!

One of the best bookstores in Brooklyn is Books Are Magic, which is a family-owned independent bookstore in the Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights neighborhoods.

The bookstore has a wonderful atmosphere and a great selection of books.

Furthermore, the bookstore often organizes interesting literary events, some of them free.

Address: 225 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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When you are traveling by yourself, I recommend carefully creating an itinerary and planning your trip, such that you’ll have a great time.

Also, you might want to meet others when you are alone in Brooklyn. For this, guided tours can be great, but you could also join groups.

Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Cars in a street in Williamsburg – Naeblys /

Things To Do Alone in Brooklyn Map

Thanks for reading my guide to the best things to do alone in Brooklyn. As you see, there are many great solo activities!

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