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14 Fun Things To Do at Night in Brooklyn (+ Map)

Things to do at night in Brooklyn, NYC
Things to do at night in Brooklyn

There’s always something to do in Brooklyn and the things to do at night in Brooklyn are incredible.

Even though the activities during the day are amazing, you’ll definitely love Brooklyn when the sun goes down. From amazing tours to entertainment to learning how to make pasta, the nighttime activities will surprise you.

If you’re in NYC you definitely shouldn’t miss out on Brooklyn. To help you discover this part of the city in the evening, I made this guide to the best things to do in Brooklyn at night. I made sure to include many types of activities so there will definitely be something for you!

Things To Do at Night in Brooklyn

Do a Sailing Tour

View of Brooklyn
Brooklyn from above

A great way to discover Brooklyn at night is by doing a sailing tour by Brooklyn Sail.

This is an experience that you can do several times during the day and one of the starting times is 7:30 PM. The tour starts at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier.

During the sailing tour, you’ll sail on a 34′ sailboat, while enjoying views and having a drink. Moreover, you can see many places in the borough of Brooklyn and other parts of NYC during this tour.

Some of the city’s sights that you’ll be able to see during this sailing tour are Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and the skyline of Manhattan.

Enjoy Great Comedy at the Eastville Comedy Club

If you want to enjoy a night full of comedy when you are in Brooklyn, you can go to the Eastville Comedy Club.

This is the oldest comedy club in Brooklyn and you can enjoy a variety of comedy shows here.

For example, there are many open mic nights and you can also enjoy breast stand-up comedy shows by some of the best comedians in Brooklyn.

What’s great is that you can go here most days of the week and have a great evening! Also, what’s nice is that this place has a very nice and casual atmosphere, and there is no drinks minimum. Also, there are many good food options to choose from!

Address: 487 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Attend a Concert at St. Ann’s Warehouse

St. Ann's Warehouse and Brooklyn Bridge at night
St. Ann’s Warehouse and Brooklyn Bridge – Alex Cimbal /

St. Ann’s Warehouse is one of the best music venues in Brooklyn and it is a great place for a fun time when the sun goes down in Brooklyn.

At St. Ann’s Warehouse, which is a former warehouse, you can enjoy great concerts and live theater performances. Also, you can often enjoy great dance shows here.

Some of the world’s best production companies have performed at this place.

What’s great about this place as well is that the industrial interior and exterior look great and add to your experience!

Furthermore, you can find St. Ann’s Warehouse in the center of DUMBO, and you can combine going here with checking out other places in DUMBO, such as the Time Out Market New York.

Address: 45 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Play Arcade Games at Barcade

Going to Barcade is a fun thing to do at night in Brooklyn.

This is an arcade bar that has been operating since the year 2004. At this place, you can find a lot of arcade games and other types of games that can be a lot of fun to play.

This includes a lot of classic video games, such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

But that’s not all that you can do here! That’s because besides being a video arcade, Barcade is a bar as well. This means that you can also have a drink here in a bar setting, which makes it a great nighttime spot for those that want to have fun!

Address: 388 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Do a Nightlife Tour in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge at night
Brooklyn Bridge

A great way to get to know Brooklyn’s nightlife is by doing a Brooklyn nightlife tour.

During this tour, which takes 3.5 hours in total, a guide takes you to various nightlife spots in the borough. You’ll visit various pubs together with a guide and a group of other people that participate in the tour.

At each bar, you can get drinks, party, and have a fun time all the while getting to know Brooklyn’s nightlife!

What’s great about this tour is that it is a great tour for solo travelers, but also for groups that want to get to know other travelers.

Bowl at Melody Lanes

Bowling is always a fun activity, and it is also one of the best things to do at night in Brooklyn.

There are several great bowling alleys in Brooklyn that you could go to and have a great time.

One of the best bowling alleys in Brooklyn is Melody Lanes, which you can find in Sunset Park.

The bowling alley has 26 lanes in total and there is an area with arcade games as well.

Furthermore, there is a full-service bar where you can have food and drinks which I’m sure you are going to like!

Address: 461 37th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Do Pasta Classes in Brooklyn

Fresh pasta

Do you like to cook? Then, this is a great nighttime activity in Brooklyn for you. You can do the pasta class with an Italian experience when you are in this part of the city.

During this class, you’ll learn about a lot of aspects that go into making delicious pasta from an Italian.

First of all, you’ll learn about the ingredients that you’ll need to make the pasta, and the ingredients that you’ll use during the class are imported from Italy.

After that, you’ll learn to prepare two different types of pasta: tortelli and tagliatelle.

While doing this class, you can enjoy unlimited wine, and at the end of the class, you’ll enjoy the fresh pasta that you just made!

Go to a Concert at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

This is a great activity in Brooklyn if you want to enjoy entertainment. You can go to the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.

This a venue where you can enjoy great performances that are very diverse. For example, you can enjoy concerts and dance performances here.

These performances are of very high quality and in the past many famous artists performed at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts.

You can also combine a visit to the Brooklyn Center with other wonderful places in the area, such as some good restaurants that you can find next to it, for an even better night!

Address: 2900 Avenue H, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Listen to Music at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Academy of Music from the outside
Front of the Brooklyn Academy of Music – Dariusz Gryczka /

A great activity for lovers of great music and all kinds of performances is to go to the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

This is a performing arts venue that is very old. The first performance took place in the year 1861, and throughout the year lots of very good performances took place at the venue, including performances by famous artists.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music consists of various venues, such as the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, which has a beautifully decorated interior, and BAM Rose Cinemas, which is a great venue for seeing the latest movies.

Whether you want to see a dance performance, a movie, a concert, or another type of show, you can do it at BAM!

Address: 30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

See a Movie at the Alpine Cinemas

Seeing a movie is another great way to spend your night when you are in Brooklyn, and a wonderful movie theater where you can do this is Alpine Cinemas.

This is a theater with a history that dates back to the year 1921 when it had one large auditorium. Nowadays, the movie theater has 8 auditoriums, with all having the capability to project 3D movies.

This movie theater is a great place to see the latest blockbuster movies!

And you can also get very tasty popcorn here, which makes your experience at the movie theater more enjoyable.

Address: 6817 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Attend a Performance at The Kings Theatre

The Kings Theatre is a historic venue that is located in Brooklyn that is perfect for enjoying a performance when the sun goes down in Brooklyn.

This venue’s history dates back to 1929 when it was opened as a movie palace by Loew’s Theatres as Loew’s Kings Theatre. The theater was closed in the year 1977, but it was reopened in 2015 as a performing arts venue.

Nowadays, you can attend classical music performances, live theater, and many other types of performances here.

What’s great is that the venue has a very beautiful interior. The countless golden decorations of the auditorium are amazing to see and make your experience here wonderful.

Address: 1027 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Attend the Winter Jazzfest

People performing at the Winter Jazzfest
Performance at the Winter Jazzfest – lev radin /

Winter Jazzfest is a wonderful annual event that takes place in January. During it, you can enjoy jazz music and music of other genres that are related to jazz. It is the largest jazz festival in NYC.

Hundreds of great artists from all around the world perform at the festival and the performances take place at various venues in NYC. Some of the largest events of the festival take place in Brooklyn.

The events take place in the evening and are definitely worthwhile check out when you are in Brooklyn when the festival takes place!

Go to Brooklyn Steel and Attend a Concert

Brooklyn Steel is a music venue in Brooklyn that is a great place if you’re looking for things to do at night in Brooklyn.

This is a venue that is operated by The Bowery Presents. Lots of concerts take place here and many famous musicians performed here in the past. Also, it is a great place to see indie artists.

The venue has a capacity of 1,800 and is located in a historic warehouse with an industrial design.

Address: 319 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Go to an Event at the Barclays Center

When the sun goes down in Brooklyn, a great place to go to as well is the Barclays Center.

This is an arena where you can see games of the Brooklyn Nets. So if you like basketball, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy going here.

But that’s not all that you can see at the Barclays Center. This is also an event venue where lots of different types of events take place.

For example, you can often go to concerts at the center, and the center is also home to many other types of sports events, such as boxing.

Address: 620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Brooklyn Things To Do at Night Tips

To have an even better time in Brooklyn, I recommend combining the various activities on this list of things to do in Brooklyn at night with having dinner at a nearby place.

Also, some of the things to do require tickets that you have to buy in advance, such as for a concert. You should definitely keep this in mind to prevent showing up at a venue and not being able to get inside.

Exterior of the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Outside of the Brooklyn Academy of Music – Osugi /

Things To Do at Night in Brooklyn Map

Thanks for reading my guide to the best things to do at night in Brooklyn. I hope you found some great nighttime activities for you!

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